in process

We learn as we go. We grow as we move toward the future.

Sometimes saying goodbye is the best thing. We are always losing, letting go, and I know I try to hold onto things, refuse time, combat change. I stubbornly try to hold onto the best of these things until I realize that I can’t.

Release can sometimes be less painful, though, than we anticipated. It can be necessary to opening one’s self up to goodness, happiness, joy.

We understand our lives in retrospect, most times. We can only hope to move forward with more groundedness, more understanding, than we had previously. To be aware of our actions and to own them.

In this we can change ourselves and our paths. We can find the stream that connects us to the next place downriver, where we might find new life. Be open to loss. What you lose may create the space for what you gain next, leading to a better future than you could have planned.

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