“Leave the door open to the unknown.” – Rebecca Solnit

I am interested in the gray areas of experience. My work explores the construction and interrelated nature of narratives, identity, and history. Mortality, bittersweetness, difficult emotions, and subtlety are paramount to me. My work uses the language, visuals, and materials of my own and others’ time, experiences, and personal stories. These building blocks become larger than the sum of their individual parts through layering, language, and references to the multiple. Gathering, reflecting, and a call-and-response process are deeply ingrained in my work. Objects are sacred to me – they hold histories and narratives, and often outlast their persons. They are talismans and touchstones for times and places in our lives. I incorporate found objects for this quality, and as a counter to the multiple. My work is neither singular nor copied, possessing both an aura and an air of repeatability. It is both, and.