Subversive Actions

“Six Questions for use when Encountering an Historical Space:
a zine of subversive questions and no answers”

This is a small piece of art meant as a small-“D” democratic contribution to our efforts to divorce ourselves from white supremacy’s patterns of thinking.

It is free to all persons of color who would like to have it. DM me your email address and I will send you a PDF to do with as you see fit.

If you are a white person who would like their own copy of this zine– email me a receipt that shows you donated at least $5 to an organization of your choice that supports black, brown, indigenous, or other marginalized communities (including LGBTQIA+, disabled, neurodivergent, impoverished, or others to name a few) and I will respond with the PDF which includes instructions on how to use this zine to help you (hopefully) think subversively.

White persons– once you have the file for this zine in your possession, I would encourage you to request the same actions of your white friends before sharing it, and to offer it to your friends of color for free as well.

I can be contacted at info (at) sagerva (dot) com.