I explore the gray areas of experience. I’m interested in the construction and interrelated nature of narratives, identity, and history. Mortality, bittersweetness, difficult emotions, and subtlety are paramount to me. My work is a product of the place I call home, and uses the language, visuals, and materials of my time, experiences, and personal history.

My work uses references to the sacred and spiritual in an organized, informal way, much like the barely organized country churches that sang shape note music so everyone could participate. Gathering, reflecting, and a call-and-response process are deeply ingrained in my work. Objects are sacred to me – they hold the histories and narratives I speak of, and often outlast their persons. They are talismans and touchstones for the times and places I reference.

I use repetition, attention to detail and craftsmanship, and the hand-drawn mark frequently in combinations of drawing, printmaking, and sewing. My grandparents taught me that the work of your hands teaches you how to move forward while staying connected to the things that matter. I hope my work does the same for my viewers, my hometown, my people.