I am interested in personal histories, forgotten places and times, and loss. In the transitions and liminal areas of our lives that are often difficult, hazy, and unknowable. I believe that being human is tied to loss, to uncertainty, and to wrestling with these areas of experience.

In my work, I try to layer handmade and found objects, singular and multiple items, language and emotion — all to get at the heart of our lived human experiences. I gather objects, recycle old work, and try to figure out relationships between myself and the things I’ve or others have left behind.

My process is very “call-and-response,” with me dipping in and out of the work, being “in the moment” and then stepping back to take in what I’ve made. Each decision is a foundation for the next decision, and so when I am working, I never really know where I’m going next. This feels appropriate to the content I often work with, and also holds mystery and surprise for me as I go, keeping me engaged in the same way I hope the viewer is later engaged with the finished work.

My artwork grows and changes all the time, but what remains constant is the constellation of questions I always wonder about– How does our mortality shape our everyday lives? What is our relationship to the things and people that have come before us? What happens to people, places, and things that become forgotten by most of the world? How do we keep things new, without losing everything that was? What is being here in this body and this world really like?

I definitely don’t claim answers. Only exploration of the questions, knowing that it’s all I really know.